Sunday, March 24, 2013

The saga of Odile (that bitch) and Odette

Massa is back, by the way.  He came in fifth, but sometimes, particularly in the rain, fifth is the best you can do.  After doing so, he does lead his teammate in points, which must be satisfying for him.

Consider this as a given:  the digital recording box that companies like Time Warner give you to watch and record cable TV are some of the cheapest, crappiest machines on the face of the planet.     They are the exact opposite of a Formula 1 race car.  And the longer you use them, the more disfunctional they get.  No matter how many times you unplug and reboot them.

All of which brings us to 11:00 am today, when, filled to the brim with a duck, spinach, goat cheese and macerated cherry omelet, I plunked myself down on the sofa and decided to watch the Malaysian Grand Prix.  Except that the goddam DVR didn't record it.  And I can assure you, I gave it explicit, unambiguous instructions that it should do so.

It did record the post-race show, so I watched that.  Vettel first, Webber second, both in Red Bulls, and Hamilton third.  Which is a blow to the head, let me tell you.

The good news is that the race is being rebroadcast at 3:00 today, so I haven't actually missed it.  And since the outcome was not to my liking (Alonso somehow drove over his detached front wing, which I guess is something like swallowing your tongue, so he was out after the first lap), maybe knowing the outcome will allow me to manage my expectations and just watch the race for the glory of the thing.

Like watching Swan Lake.
I mean, once you've seen it a couple of times, all that Odile/Odette suspense is taken out of the equation.

Which is not what you might say about the growing animosity between Vettel and Webber, what with both drivers being told, near the end of the race, to back off and preserve the one-two finish and their engines as well.  Which Webber, who as I understand it was leading, did, only to have Vettel shoot by him to win the thing.

Which is bad sporting in anybody's book.  I would describe Webber in the post-race interviews as being fit to be tied.  Whatever that means.

Maybe it'll be like Prost and Senna, with Vettel and Webber taking turns driving the other into the guard rail.
One can only hope.


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