Sunday, March 17, 2013

Who could imagine a grander start to St. Paddy's Day ...

... than Irishman Kimi Raikkonen winning the Grand Prix of Australia in his shiny green Lotus?

He's not Irish.  He's a Finn.
And the Lotus isn't green; it's a kind of black and gold.
But still, what's not to like?

Lotus first, Ferrari second, Red Bull third ...

Honestly, who could imagine a grander start to St. Paddy's Day?

This from the Guardian (Because just try to get decent coverage of Formula 1 here in the states) ...

Kimi Raikkonen produced a thrilling victory here on Sunday to win the first grand prix of the season.

With his tyres falling apart, and with two great drivers, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel in his mirrors, Raikkonen held on for the 20th win of his career.

May the road rise up to greet ya, Laddy.


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