Sunday, April 21, 2013


I'm 98 people a way from hitting my 10K monthly visits mark.   That's roughly the number of students who play football for the University of Virginia.  That's roughly twenty-three more than the mile number at which, during a century ride, you realize your ass is on fire.  Vaseline or no.  That's just six less than the number of journalists who showed up for a press conference I once organized for a prescription allergy medication at the Four Seasons restaurant in Manhattan.


Look at this chart ...

I don't remember what caused the 700 visitor spike, but it happened a couple of weeks ago.  It might have been anticipation of my reportage of baseball's opening day.  Regardless, every day, as the chart rolls forward, that spike gets closer to the left hand edge.  My guess is that the day of, or the day before it falls off the edge (I don't really understand statistics as well as I might), by dint of the nature of the model used by Google to determine monthly visitors, I'm gonna pop over the 10,000 number.

And hosannas will fill the air, friends.  I'll probably make a short speech acknowledging the little people whose necks I stepped on on my way to the top and asking each one of them to give me a call and we'll schedule a lovely lunch (which, of course, will be later canceled).  Then I'll slip my magic ring on my finger and disappear.  Angels will sing me to my sleep.

Thinking about it won't make it happen any sooner, though.  In the meantime I have a hankering for a bowl of cereal.  Half shredded wheat (the original large-sized bisquit) and half some of that Kashi twigs and things healthy (so they would have you believe) cereal.  With a sliced banana and some milk.  It's days like this that make me wish I had some blueberries.


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