Saturday, April 20, 2013

On a more positive note ...

How about those Knicks!

I owe Carmelo Anthony an apology.  I thought he was just one more tremendously-gifted, whiny, me-first chucker.  Based now on first hand experience, I was wrong.  He's been a revelation.  Watching him play basketball is like watching Keith Hernandez play baseball.  God bless the man.  I hope he leads us to the promised land.

Funny thing, sports.  I couldn't stand Patrick Ewing when he was at Georgetown.  Now I love him.  Genuine sports love (I don't know him personally).  If my timing is right, I'll see who gets the pole in Bahrain, then switch over to a tape-in-progress recording of the Knicks/Celtics game.

Given all that Boston has gone through recently, one could fall victim to the sympathy card and root for them.  This, friends, must be avoided at all costs.  It is a form of weakness.  A character flaw.  To paraphrase the people at Nike, just don't do it.


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