Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ball Don't Lie!

Rasheed Wallace's famous line.

Ball Don't Lie!

A couple of months ago he said that to a ref.  Twice.  And was slapped with a technical foul.

It speaks directly to the notion that the great truths of the world can be found in, among other things, the engine of an old parked car, that Sasha Cohen skating video I showed you guys a couple of posts back, Fred and Ginger in Swing Time,  Geoffrey Raymond Map Paintings, basketball and, of course, this Marianne Faithfull video ...

When Faithfull later wrote Sister Morphine I can promise you the phrase "Ball don't lie" was floating around in her head.

Earlier today, realizing his foot was still a problem, Rasheed Wallace retired from the Knicks.  His contributions during the first 21 games were immeasurable.  Then he hurt his foot and that was that.

What lives on with the Knicks, however, is the belief that they can win -- Rasheed helped them learn that -- and the weird habit of scrunching three fingers together and poking them at the side of your head a couple of times after you've just hit a three-pointer.  Rasheed taught them that too.

Lefty, he don't sing the blues 
all night long like he used to do.  
So few of us do.

Me?  I'm going upstairs now (hoping the Mets game in Colorado isn't snowed-out) and make myself a Spalding sandwich.*

Brief personal aside:  You can argue that the man was a jerk, especially if he wasn't playing for your team.  Holds the record for technical fouls (304!).  Could have been a towering talent except for a self-destructive personality.  And he was in love with the 3-point shot, even when he perhaps should have been standing in the paint.  Not my kind of person at all (I prefer to take the long shots).  But still, attention must be paid.  His brief moment with the Knicks was an important one.  Despite myself I'm fond of the guy.  Thus this brief reminiscence.

Adios, Campagnolo.

* if you need help with either the Spalding sandwich joke or the one in the earlier post about licking thumbs just email me in confidence.


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