Monday, April 29, 2013

Truth vs. Truth Well Told Schematic

Here.  This may help ...

It should also be noted that my map paintings are really a sort of ornate reinterpretation of Venn diagrams.  The black hole representing the larger set or sets and the key identifying the location and/or or relative size of the subset.

Thus ...

And one last thing:  Were it me, I'd hyphenate "Well-Told".  Although that's likely poor sloganeering.  I titled the map painting without it, in deference to the reality of the actual slogan.

Too complicated.  People are offended by smarty-pants.
Yes they are.  But the hyphen is grammatically correct.
Yes it is.  But we're not talking about grammatical truth.  We're talking about grammatical truth, well-told.  Massive difference.
Good point.
I do, however, love your use of italics in the Venn diagram
Thank you.  I thought it went well.
Yes it did.


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