Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Human Nature

It's human nature to be unsatisfied with one's lot.  Thus, just as the weather is turning warm and thoughts should be turning towards the joys of having a cocktail at the outside tables at my local watering holes, all I can think about is the Sochi Olympics.

And more particularly Apolo Anton Ohno ...

And now, even more particularly, the fact that he'll probably be talking about skating inside some NBC booth rather than doing the skating.  He having just announced his retirement.

Just as it's a truth self-evident that the most truly beautiful women tend to have dark hair, so to is it fact that the Winter Olympics are better than the Summer.  Not just because of the speed skating, which really is a cool event, but hey, it wasn't the Winter Olys (pronounced OH-lees) that decided to discontinue Greco-Roman wrestling?

I don't care about wrestling at all.  Don't even watch -- Greco-Roman or WWF.  But still, does tradition count for nothing?  What a load of ill-advised shit that is.  Right up there with tearing down the old church in Watervliet so they can put up a PriceChopper.  Even though a perfectly good PriceChopper can be found a block and a half away.

It was a pretty church til this happened.

It is also worth parenthetically noting that six months after the Olys, Sochi is going to host the first Grand Prix of Russia.  Except that there appear to be construction quality problems and horns in the F1 world are beginning to sound.  But that's a story for another time.

I'll miss Apolo.  He was a talent.


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