Friday, April 26, 2013

Uncle Sam in situ

Odd how Blogger won't let me italicize in situ in the headline.

Anyway, here's Uncle Sam, dressed up, un-wrapped, bolted-down, plaqued-up, in situ and ready to go ...

With a nice close-up of my plaque ...

In retrospect, I think I should have painted the bottom of the brim of his hat blue, not red.  But that's a small thing.

Also this ...

There has been considerable dialogue amongst some about whether people will continue to write on the piece.  Those who suggested no -- that the sanctity of the work would be respected -- are, or course, crazy.  Human nature being what it is, and really, were it me, I'd say something like "Hey Dog -- all these other people have written something.  I'm gonna have my say too."

Well, roughly an hour and a half after the official unveiling the answer is clear.  More than clear, really.  Written in neon orange.

To quote Paul Simon, "My eyes were stabbed by the flash of the neon light."

And it didn't hurt at all.  So I'm good.

I'm not sure sanctity is the word I'd use regarding this particular work.
Possibly not.
And you could also argue that, by writing the words "Don't write on the face" on the man's forehead, you are, ipso factum, granting permission to write elsewhere.
Ipso factum?  Really?
It's Latin.  I made it up.  But still ... the point holds.


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