Thursday, May 02, 2013

To be seen

I'll be dragging myself to New York soon.  The Richard Serra show at the Zwirner Gallery is high on the list of things to do or see or both.

This from the Daily Beast's Gopnik ...

I think Richard Serra’s “One Ton Prop (House of Cards)”, from 1969, is the summation of his art, and one of the great works of the last 50 years. The piece – four quarter-ton sheets of lead, four-foot square and held in place by their weight – is now on view in David Zwirner’s beautifully Brutalist new gallery in New York. This “Prop” is all about risk: Physical, artistic and aesthetic. And then the product of that risk turns out to be wonder and pleasure, even beauty. The risk is real, so it produces genuine sublimity. In Serra’s more recent, crowd-pleasing works, the risk is all simulation – no one will die and pleasure’s guaranteed – so the effect is that much less potent.

I don't know if I agree with this.  Not factored into his equation, I might humbly submit, is the value of the beauty of Serra's cinnabons.  But, in a world where so much crap is written about art, it's a reasoned argument.

And the new Zwirner gallery is quite something, in and of itself.

This is it in color ...

Although color's not the point.


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