Friday, June 21, 2013

Heat in Seven

Just as predicted.

Thank God basketball is over.  Although that was a series for the ages.  I feel good for LeBron and D-Wade, both of whom I like.  And even though that whole "I'm taking my talents to South Beach" thing was a massive clusterfuck, hey -- we all say stuff we'd like to take back later.

Case in point, many years ago a woman I was dating said to me, "Look, sweetie.  I lost ten pounds."
I said "Turn around, I think I found it."


That is to say, we all say stupid stuff.  LeBron's a good guy.  And Wade is the most magnificent basketball player in history that people don't call a massive superstar.  If that makes sense.  And I like Spoelstra -- he has vivid eyes.  And I'll never forget how Pat Riley turned the Knicks around.  Thank you again, Pat, if I haven't said it many times before.

So I'm good.  And besides, Timmy already has four rings, so it's not like he's going hungry.  Likewise Parker, plus he was married to Eva Longoria, so how bad can you feel for him?  And Popovich -- the Tony Soprano of coaches -- has become so full of himself that a little come-uppence is due.  If that's how you spell it.

And I survived watching the game.  So that's good.  Although I must say there was a good bit of squirming and shouting at the wall (upon which I watch basketball).


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