Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Body Parts

We're all about comparing body parts here at TYOMP.  Not in a scurrilous manner.  Nothing salacious.  Just looking at parts of one person, then looking at parts of another, then discussing.  The recent Taylor Swift post is the perfect example.

Likewise this.  One of these men is Richard Grasso.  The other is General George Pickett (famous for his eponymous Charge).  I won't tell you which one, but you can compare the images with my painting of Grasso and probably figure it out.

They both have the most extravagant wrinkling around their eyes.  I particularly like the swoop of the right eyelid in the bottom image.  Imaging that with some eye make-up.  It would be like Priscilla of the Jungle, or something.

Unrelated note:  Amazing that one of these photos is from 2005 and the other is from, roughly, 1865.


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