Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Artist Finds His Muse in Former Exchange Chief"

Apparently there's some talk about making Charlie Gasparino's book about Richard Grasso, titled  "King of the Club", into a movie.  Good luck to all involved -- none of what you see on TYOMP would have been possible without Richard Grasso, and my painting of same ...

I think it was titled "Big Dick (100 Million)", although the specifics escape me.

I googled Richard Grasso Geoffrey Raymond and quite a bit came up.  This, from the Times' Dealbook, is a good one.  The date is December 6, 2006.  Wow.

It's funny, for me at least, to look at paintings like this and see how my style has/has not evolved.

[The painting did sell, by the way]


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