Monday, June 17, 2013

Taylor Swift's Mouth

This is a painting of a friend of mine ...

It is one of my all-time favorite paintings.

Okay.  So, I was wandering through the internet, as is my occasional wont, and happened across a photo of Taylor Swift receiving an award.  Something about it grabbed me.  It's not that Ms. Swift isn't lovely, because she is.  Although, as a personal aside, I'm less impressed by lovely women partly in the business of being lovely than I am those in the business of just being normal people.  That is to say, Ms. Swift -- and there is no criticism in this observation -- is compensated in part for her looks as well as her talent and the amount of money she spends on things like hair, make-up, exercise, general wellness and wardrobe certainly registers in the tens of thousands of dollars, annually.  Hundreds of thousands is also a possibility, depending on how one counts.

Anyway, forget all that.  I kept looking at the picture of Ms. Swift and it hit me:  she and my friend Michele have exactly the same mouth.

Swift ...
Michele ...

Then I felt better and was able to continue.


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