Monday, June 24, 2013

Why I'm Not a Journalist

Close readers of TYOMP will attest that I'm a man with a way with a word.  Sometimes clumps of them.  That plus a keen nose for the scent of the gist of a thing make me an excellent candidate for a career in journalism.  Except I've been thinking about those x-number of journalists who got on the plane in Moscow thinking to accompany Snowden The Betrayer to Cuba, only to figure out, at some point after the wheels were up, that he never got on.

I bet that's gonna be some party in Havana tonight.

[I'm an excellent drinker and that's just one more reason why I would be a good journalist.]

The good news?  Some American journalists were thrown off the plane because they didn't have the right paperwork to get into Cuba.  That's like being one of those Swedish guys at the beginning of Titanic who lose their tickets to America to Leo and his friend.

Snowden the Betrayer?  Really?
I know.  It's a bit harsh, isn't it?  I haven't really decided what I think about Edward Snowden.  I may wait til somebody whose opinion I respect tells me what to think and then go with that.
Smart move.
Exactly.  Keep the synapses ready for the really important stuff.
Like the Bruins game tonight.


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