Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dick Van Dyke

Somehow I stumbled onto an episode of the Dick Van Dyke show the other day.  Right at the beginning, so I decided to watch the whole thing.

If for no other reason than to ogle the young Mary Tyler Moore.
They should put her picture next to "dewey" in the Collier's illustrated dictionary.
Yes they should, although it's interesting that some women are referred to as dewey but truman is used a good deal less.
And he won.

Anyway, it was surprisingly good.  I mean, burst out funny.  There were moments when, had I been drinking a beverage, some of it might have come out of my nose.

And then, because timing is everything, this article about the Dick Van Dyke show appears in the Mothership.  Interesting bit about historic television, even if you weren't around for Rob and Laura Petrie in their heyday.


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