Friday, October 18, 2013

Country Western lyrics

My baby dumped me in a honky-tonk dive
Which might be fine if he was twenty-five
Which might have been fine if I was twenty-two
But I've got other stuff to do.
At thirty-two

My experience with country western music, except when played by the Rolling Stones, is that there's an extremely low signal to noise ratio.  That said, my experience is limited.  And I must admit John C. Fogerty's new album, which is a collection of duets with well-known country singers, is outstanding.

I call the song 'Thirty-Two ... and Counting.'  Here's a picture of Mick ...


Blogger John Harbour said...

Here's the deal. I hated, HATED, country music growing up. I used to say that I liked all music except for Opera and Country. Then I grew up. And now both adore opera AND country. In fact I've thought about writing a series of short stories based on the lyrics of country music songs. Expanding the story in a song to it's full length. Although, getting permission from the song writers could be a bitch. Which would be ironic, no? When Nashville becomes The Man? Or maybe they always were...

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