Monday, November 25, 2013

$40 a ton

That's what Westchester County pays a private firm to dispose of fallen leaves.  Wow -- imagine how many freaking leaves it takes to get to a ton.  A billion, easy.  The mathematics of this line of work are difficult to understand.

Less so crystal meth, where it's more like $40 a gram.  The mathematics of that business make plenty of sense, at least as far as I can glean them from watching Breaking Bad.  As of the end of the First Half of Season Five, this is a photo of how much money Walter and Schyler White have in their storage facility ...

Which seems like plenty.

So, as has been noted here before, I blasted through the first four and a half seasons of BB on Netflix.  And the closer I got to the end, the more a sickly realization came over me:  that Netflix didn't have all the episodes.   And they don't.

I have to go to Amazon to buy the Second Half of Season Five.  Which is annoying, not only because it's going to cost me either fifteen or twenty-five dollars, depending on whether I buy the HD version or the regular version, but I can only watch Amazon products on my iPad (or computer, but that's not a viable lifestyle option), whereas Netflix lets me stream the signal through my iPad into my projection television.

So it's like watching a movie.

The other question is whether to go with the HD version or regular.  I don't really care that much about the ten dollars (although you can drink a lot of beer for ten dollars at the Peter McManus Cafe, or go to a movie with a senior discount if you don't live in New York City) -- it's the spirit of the thing that counts.  I'm guessing that regular resolution on an iPad will be fine, and that HD, at least as presented by my boy Jeff Bezos and his colleagues, is a scam.

Scam might be the wrong word.
Yes it might.
But for a lot of people, on a lot of machines, the benefits of HD are minimal if not zero.
Exactly.  So scam may be exactly the right word.
Hmmm.  Nicely said.

It should be noted that the increase from fifteen to twenty-five dollars is something like a 60% add-on.  Even the fucks in the movie industry that keep foisting 3-D movies on the public don't skin you like that.



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