Friday, November 15, 2013

Oh my God -- the dog's dead

Remember the discussion about Rosey the dog and how she lay in the same place on the bed the entire night?  Good, because that will help you as you read forward.

As may have been mentioned, and is certainly evident from her photo, Rosey is an old dog.  And the fear one has when watching old dogs for friends is that they don't croak on your watch.  Imagine the telephone call.  After the tears have dried, and the vomiting ceased, everybody says the right things.  "I'm sure it wasn't your fault," and "She was an old dog and perhaps her time was up," both jump to mind.

The subtext of each being that it likely was something you did, and you are likely never to be forgiven.  And who needs that?

So when I woke up after the first night that Rosey spent on my bed and stared over at her motionless body, my first thought was Oh my God -- the fucking dog's dead!

Happily it wasn't true.  But it was a moment.


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