Friday, December 20, 2013

Oh My God! Brian Boitano is Gay?

Crikeys.  Next thing we know, Johnny Weir's gonna come out of the closet.

Joking aside, I am impressed with President Obama's decision in response to Russia's draconian anti-gay laws to not send hi-end politicians to the Sochi Olympics.  Instead we're sending a delegation of former athletes, several of which are openly gay.

And I greatly admire Brian Boitano -- a part of that delegation -- and his decision yesterday to reveal to the world that he's gay even though he had chosen to keep that private until now.

"It's nobody's business," was the gist of his thinking until the import of the moment made, in his mind, his announcement imperative.

Me?  I love the Winter Olympics best of all.  And despite that miserable shit Vlad Putin and his soul-shattering social politics, and despite the spinelessness of the International Olympic Committee, for whom, despite their oily mouthed platitudes about the Olympic spirit,  everything is measured in kr├╝gerrands, I'm gonna watch as much as I can.  The list is endless -- thank God I'm unemployed.  Curling!  Cross-country skiing!  Skiing and shooting -- I love that.  Whatever kind of skating it was that Apolo Ohno did -- that's unbelievably cool.  The US has the best two-man bobsled team in the world, so that's lovely.  And speaking of lovely, I even like figure skating, even though they don't make them do figures anymore.

Denise Biellmann is a favorite of mine, she being the creator and namesake of the now ubiquitous Biellmann Spin.  This is the one where a skater is just spinning away and then says to herself Oh what the hell and reaches back, grabs the blade of her skate, and pulls it over her head.  Backwards.  While spinning.

Dog -- Who thinks this shit up?

I'm serious.  I wonder how she thought it up.  People sometimes ask me how I came up with the idea of annotating my paintings and I have a long, boring story about it that I'll spare you now.  But it did happen in a bar, and my friend Eric was there.  I wonder if my girl Denise was sitting in a bar doing beers and shots with a friend and just thought it up.  I hope so.

Thank you, Denise.  Honestly, that's too much by half.

There's no umlaut in krugerrand.
I know.  But I'm in love with the new keyboard function I just figured out.
That being?
That being if you want to put an umlaut over the u in krugerrand, you just hold down the u button and a little menu pops up.  You can choose what u you want.
God bless Bill Gates.
Even though you're typing on a Mac.
Even though.


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