Sunday, January 19, 2014

And while we're talking sports ...

here is why the Bullets have a better record than the Knicks ...

As everyone knows, they're not called the Bullets anymore.  Which I think is stupid.  Particularly since I've seen some games where they've been sporting some very cool throw-back jerseys that reminded me of the days when Elvin Hayes and Wes Unseld roamed the planet.

This is a cool picture because you can not only see the Big E but also Unseld, Kareem and -- is that Keith Wilkes?  Not sure who the guy under the basket is.

Note:  There is a considerable school of thought that says Elvin Hayes was a big asshole.  Unseld hated him.  And vice-versa.  But I always loved the guy for some reason and when I played in the Fairfax County Adult BB League (the closest I ever got to the NBA) I wore Number Eleven as a way of giving the big guy some cheese.

They should change the name of the Redskins to the Red Storm and the Wizards back to the Bullets.  What's wrong with the people in Washington?

That done, I now turn my attention to football and the food that goes with it.  Am worried that the avocado downstairs is not quite ripe enough for the alchemy otherwise known as guacamole.  Am also thinking of ordering a pizza between the two games.

The problem with Troy is that the best pizza maker -- Bacchus Wood Fired -- doesn't deliver.  Everybody raves to me about DeFazio's -- I mean everybody -- so one day a couple of weeks ago I tried to order one from them.  They told me the wait was 90 minutes.  So I told them I'd pass.

A couple of days later, on a quiet weeknight, I tried again.  Deliver time was 45 minutes, which was fine.  I ordered a large one with some stuff on it and a) it cost twenty bucks, and b) it was one of the worst pizzas I've ever eaten.  Too salty by, like, a thousand percent.  It put the lie to the theory that even bad pizza is basically okay.  I swear, it was like eating the industrial byproduct of one of those desalinization plants they're building on the west coast in anticipation of the Colorado River drying up entirely.

So a couple of days ago, refusing to step away from the theory that even bad pizza is basically okay based on one bad experience (provided it doesn't taste like industrial byproducts), I ordered a Dominos pizza online.  Used an e-coupon and got a fairly crappy pizza in less than half an hour.  It cost like nothing.  It was so cheap that a couple of quarters in the other direction and they would have been paying me.  Enjoyed it quite a bit with some Pabst.

Am thinking of doing the same thing tonight.  Except I don't have any Pabst and the beer store moved away.



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