Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ballpoint Pens

Check this out ...

Very cool.  Titled "Untitled 2011-05, 2011, ballpoint pen on paper" by Renato Orara.  Even cooler than this is an article in ARTnews titled Making Cutting Edge Art with Ballpoint Pens.

At some point they start talking about using Bics versus Pilots versus whatever.  One of the artists, Marlene McCarty says she likes Montblancs (Who doesn't?  I bet she also likes eating dinner at The French Laundry), but says "... they are too heavy to hold upright against the wall for hours at a time, so I take a Montblanc ballpoint refill, force it into a cheap lightweight plastic Bic pen handle, tape the whole thing together, and use that.”

This is the spirit that makes America great, dear reader.  Assuming she's American.  And assuming that a country that is both the richest in the world and yet ranked 178th in infant mortality can be termed great.

Regardless, I'm reminded my '61 Triumph.


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