Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lakers Update

In the photo of Elvin Hayes two posts below this one, the Laker beneath the basket, #4 in your program, was the estimable Adrian Dantley.  Dantley and Unseld, the man he's trying to block out (although it looks like his position is poor), exemplified the Round Mound of Rebound school of basketball well before Charles Barkley took it to the Nth degree.

I'm not sure Dantley was that round a mound.
No.  Not as big as Unseld, certainly.  But very much one of those short guys with great low-post moves.  So I lumped him in.
Fair enough, howsoever inaccurate.
Accuracy has never been the objective here.

And, dear readers, that it should always be remembered that Charles Barkley once spat on a young woman in the stands.  He says it was an accident.


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