Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Library

Libraries are good things.  I was once trapped in the Troy Public Library while a squall moved through the area and I got a chance to read the Architectural Digest article about Tom and Gisele B√ľndchen's house in Los Angeles.  Nice freaking house.  I wish he'd go and live there permanently.

Now, if you remember back a couple of months I said that I had reserved The Goldfinch from the TPL and was hoping to read it before the Frick show pulled up stakes and left town.  This was in November, let's say.

In the end I wound up buying the book -- something I was happy to do, since writers like Donna Tartt need our support -- and missing the show since by the time I got my shit together it had sold out.  The book was great, by the way.  And now, just this morning, the Library sends me a lovely note saying that The Goldfinch is in.

So the system works, friends.  Although there's no way I'm going to the library today.  There's a light, misty snow coming down in Troy that's more fun to look at than to wander around in.


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