Monday, February 10, 2014

Ahhh, the Olympics

First, how about those two Canadian sisters -- the Dufour-Lapointe girls -- who came in first and second on the mogul competition?  Each one was cuter than the next.  Like a Möbius strip of cuteness, one side for little Justine and one side for her big sister Chloe.

Except a Möbius strip only has one side.
Good point, although I'll never understand how that works.

Anyway, good for them regardless.  Less props to the American, Hannah Kearney, who was favored to win and came in third.  For the record, she already had an Olympic gold medal, so a little graciousness about not getting a second gold and having to settle for some raggedy-assed bronze one might be nice.  Because there are millions of people who would be delighted to even get to the Olympics and drink all that yellow water and take a shit in the same room, right next to somebody else also taking one, etc.

And just one quick item:  Is it my imagination, or is Meryl Davis, of Davis and White, so thin that it's surprising more people aren't talking about it in the same sentence as bulimia?  Maybe I'm wrong, but most female figure skaters -- other than the really young ones who still look like a collection of chicken wings -- look pretty healthy.  Lean, but healthy.

Thighs like linebackers, one might observe.  
One might.

Davis, on the other hand, looks positively wasted away, especially through the arms and upper torso.


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