Friday, January 31, 2014

So. The dawn begins. I wonder what kind of day it will be.

The opening sentence of Seamus Heaney's translation of Beowulf was a single word:  "So."  So from now on I'm going to start everything the same way.  Just FYI.

All this by way of saying they're rebooting my boy Michael Schumacher.  The thinking being that they'll put the transmission in first, engage the clutch, and he'll slowly emerge from his induced coma.  And then we shall then see what we shall see.  I am hoping for only the best.  The process, I'm told, takes a number of days, so patience will be a valuable commodity when it comes to this tricky business.

Two years ago when I was in Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix I attended a Q&A event featuring Joe Seward, one of the preeminent F1 writers of our time.  His blog is the best I know of, and can be visited here.

Anyway, at one point he asked if anybody there was a Schumacher fan.  I, sheepishly, raised my hand while everybody sat on theirs.  Other than that, Montreal was lovely.  You should see their botanical gardens.  The race course was less moving to me -- although one might blame a miscalculation on my part during the seat selection process -- but, like pizza, even mediocre Formula 1 races are great.

It should be noted that Schumacher was an arrogant son of a bitch.  And there's evidence enough to label him a downright cheater.  But hey -- seven championships!  Five of them in the Shiny Red Cars.  Six maybe.

And I have a high tolerance for assholes.  Just look at my friends.

[Note to any friend who might be reading this: I'm sure you are not one of the assholes.]

But the message here is one of optimism.  The dawn is coming.  Part of me wonders if it's gonna rain, but most of me thinks it's gonna be a lovely day.

On a related note: here's the new Red Bull ...

Which looks like bad news for the good guys.


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