Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Shiny Red One

Today's moral is:  be careful what you wish for.

Oy gevalt.

I suppose it could be worse.  Certainly the Ferrari nose is different than the schnozollas on the Williams and McLarens.  But Lordy, from the front wheels forward that's an ugly bit of work.  The back seems more or less status quo -- perhaps a bit trimmer, what with the smaller engine.

The proof, of course, is in the pudding.  And the current best pudding is made by Red Bull.  Surely we'll see what they've come up with soon enough, given that testing begins in Spain next week.

On a positive note, this is kind of fun ...

There's regular talk in Formula 1 of enclosing the cockpit for better protection of the driver's head.  This is a highly-stylized version of how it might look.


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