Monday, February 10, 2014

I Like Killing Flies

Have you ever seen this movie?  A documentary about Kenny Shopsin's unusual (the understatement of the decade), now-relocated restaurant, it's available on Netflix streaming or DVD.  Or, if you're just sitting around with absolutely nothing to do, I'll provide it to you here, right now, for free ...

It's right up there with Enter Through the Gift Shop in the major giggle category.  And who says I never do stuff for you?

Anyway, I was at brunch yesterday and, somehow, Kenny Shopsin comes up.  Most of the guests had left, but the guitar player of the band that was playing at the brunch (I go to higher class brunches than you do) and his wife, and my boy Bobby the Gravedigger, who also plays in the band, and his wife (who were the hosts) and I are hanging out after the fact and he, the guitar player, mentions that he cooked for Kenny for eleven years.  His wife worked there too, albeit it more briefly.  As he was telling stories I thought her eyes were going to come out of her head, she was rolling them so frequently.

The whole thing was a hoot.

I'm trying to think of a comparable scenario:  Adolph Hitler's regular driver?  Idi Amin's personal assistant?  Writing the blog for almost eight fucking years?

Anyway, the guy's stock went way up in my book, and it was already pretty high.

You should check out the movie.  Quite like nothing you've ever seen.  It and Jiro Dreams of Sushi would make a great movie-night double-feature for you and the old ball and chain.

Secret to Shopsin's chicken salad:

-- use turkey breast instead of chicken
-- go halfsies with mayo and sour cream.

Me?  I cannot wait til the next opportunity comes up to make some chicken salad.


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