Monday, February 17, 2014

By the Numbers

To those of you who attach paranormal significance to numbers: Don't read this ...


I refer to the 114th page of the new biography of the Beatles I'm reading, in which the name George Harrison is first mentioned.  I can understand a bit of a lag with Ringo, but 114 pages to get to George?  Very much part and parcel of my complaints about long biographies.  That said, I'm enjoying it quite a bit.  So maybe I should just shut up.

I'm listening to George's What Is Life? as I type.


This is some weeks ago:  I'm waiting around for a cab to take me to the train station and I decide to eat an orange as a way of making the time go faster.  I finish the first half (I eat my oranges by cutting them in half and then pressing my face into them) and the cab comes.  I jump up, rush out the door, catch the train, etc.

Upon my return I find the other half of the orange still sitting atop a magazine on my coffee table.  Because I'm an idiosyncratic housekeeper, I just leave it there.  I mean, it's not hurting anybody.  And so now it's been two or so weeks and it's amazing how well the orange is still hanging in there.  I had expected an opportunistic fungal infection or two.  Instead, the edge of my orange, due to shrinking, has formed a wonderful sort of curved ridge around the cut line.  It reminds me very much of the rear spoiler of a Ferrari 375 GTB four-cam ...

... which is one of the most beautiful cars in the world.  Even dressed in silver, like a Mercedes.


There are 45 days til the beginning of the next season of Game of Thrones.  And speaking of HBO, I just finished binge watching the second season of The Newsroom.  Which was not only outstanding but also only 9 episodes long.  Which made the binge-ing seem pretty mellow compared to, says, watching all of Breaking Bad over a six week period.

I liked Season 2 much better than Season 1, and was interested to note that Season 3 will be, by design, the last.  I admire the idea of getting in and out with dignity.


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