Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Great Namath

Remember when, some years ago, they did a sideline piece with an intoxicated Joe Namath during a Jets pre-season game and he told the female interviewer that he'd like to kiss her?  Might have been Suzy Kolber?

It was a low point.  Here's to remembering the good stuff ...

Me?  I always blamed that on the producer.   Or on Kolber.  Somebody should have stepped in before allowing Joe to make an ass of himself.  The net result being, of course, the obligatory apology ...

Why are you doing this?
These Ceremonial Jerseys?
I don't know.
They seem like a waste of your valuable mojo.
I don't know.  Who knows why anybody does anything?
Fair question.  I do like the knee brace, though.
You do?
Me too.  Maybe that's why I'm doing them.  To figure out what the right thing to put on the bottom is.


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