Thursday, May 29, 2014

"Let me get this straight ..."

That would be God speaking, as She reflects on today's perfect alignment of Manhattan's east/west throughways and the setting sun.  Like Stonehenge, but Manhattanhenge ...

Cool.  Looks like a scene from an Avengers movie, kind of.  The Hammer of Thor, and all that.  Mjölnir, for those of you closer to the Norse legend.

Great name for a dog.
If you're an idiot.
Yes.  Exactly.
Urbig is a good name for a dog.
Yes it is.

Here's a picture of the actual Stonehenge ...

Which is fine, but if you get hungry can you get a decent bagel?  Walk to the movies?  Have a beer at the Peter McManus Cafe?  See Dürer's Melencolia I at the Met?  Hurry on that last one -- it's only there for another six weeks.

I like Manhattanhenge better.


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