Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mets History

Found myself at U.S. Military Academy on Wednesday.  Quite grand.  Took this ...

Found myself at the Baseball Hall of Fame on Thursday.  Quite grand.  Took this ...

The first one is the Cadet Chapel at West Point.  The plaque is of my favorite Hall of Famer -- Ralph Kiner.

Kiner called Mets games from 1962 until his death this year at the age of 88.  Slowed in later years by Bell's palsy, he would only appear once or twice a week, usually stopping by to shoot the breeze with Gary, Ronnie and Keith in the middle innings.  I loved his story about Mickey Mantle setting him up with Elizabeth Taylor.

With friends like that a man could lead a happy life.

Anyway, Mets fans saw a historic moment today.  That, of course, being Jenrry Mejia's first save.  Wouldn't it be fun if this was the first of hundreds?  I wish Ralph could have been here to see it.

re. the Hall itself, quite a load of fun.  A bit annoying that the entire Babe Ruth room is on tour, but the lake was beautiful.  I'd go back.


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