Monday, May 12, 2014

It's funny, the stuff people do

I refer, of course, to the virtual cottage industry of Sharon Tate tribute videos on U-Tube.  Here's one ...

Worth noting in the notes that it was the 4th such video the person made.  Here's the fifth ...

What a hobby!  Both the songs are nicely chosen, so good-oh to the creator.  But who sits down and thinks Hey, I think I'm going to make a Sharon Tate tribute video?

Moving on:  As far as Roman Polanski is concerned, there's a part of me that doesn't blame him for completely going off the rails after his lovely wife (Ms. Tate) was murdered by the Manson Family while she was eight months pregnant.  That said, a good rule of thumb is that you shouldn't date anybody under 21, assuming you're like 50 or something.

The reason this all came up is that I'm researching 60s fashion for the Saigon: Too Big To Fail series and have employed as my muses Ms. Tate, Patty Boyd and Marianne Faithful.  So while not necessarily top of mind, they are at least somewhere near the front of the thing.  Fast forward (or rewind) to this morning and I was reading something in the Times (click here) about a Tate resurgence as a function of the Mad Men theory that Don Draper's wife is headed for some helter-skelter of the very worst sort.  Which is almost enough to make me watch Mad Men.  Which also took me to the above videos, which I thought were lovely.  A little creepy, but lovely.

Which, inexorably, takes me to this ...

I love that dress. Hard to believe she wrote Sister Morphine.

Reader update:  My Wu-Tang Clan project is going slower than I thought it would.  I kind of lost energy after the first album.


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