Wednesday, May 07, 2014

This just in ...

I was doing some work on the computer.  Playing "Private Investigations: The Best of Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits" (who slash which didn't get enough credit, generally speaking, in my opinion).  Brothers in Arms comes up in the queue, which takes me to this ...

As if further proof is needed that Miami Vice was the finest cop show ever.  Which it isn't.  The antecedent of "it" here being, of course (as if it even needed to be said), "proof" not "Miami Vice."

Funny how one of the best shows on television ever featured one of the worst actors in the history of the world in a lead role.  That being Philip Michael Thomas.  Who was terrible.  Just terrible.

$174.39 gets the boxed set from Amazon.  Buy here.


Anonymous Lunatic said...

Oh, you never seem to miss out on an opportunity to slam PMT. I think he was well respected on Broadway. I think...AND he has even put out several music albums on his own label, or so I've read on the interwebs.

7:11 AM  

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