Friday, June 27, 2014

Polaroid, Volume 2

The camel spits ...

This shot includes my feet.  I've always thought it odd how my big toes come out of my foot straight, than at the second knuckle make a 40 or so degree turn.  Like a dogleg left.  Or right.  Depending.

Cropped, it looks like this ...

I really cranked up the contrast and sharpness features because I've always liked paintings that give you a sense of the guts of the thing.  How it was made.  Bits of sketching, for example, showing through.  Rearranged boats (See:  Homer, Winslow).  Etc.  So there's going to come a time, near the end, when a decision is going to have to be made.  Likely in conjunction with the client.  Because there are, actually, times when the client gets a vote.  The decision will relate to whether we keep those lines and numbers and the miscellaneous drips, etc.

Because you can make an argument for cleaning the thing up at the end.  Sharp, straight lines, the perfect color-saturated box floating on a white canvas surface.  That's a legitimate approach.


Or  you can just leave it like it is, or will be.   A hot mess of a thing.  Hopefully.  I remember a quote from Jackie Onassis when John John was dating Darryl Hannah.  She was nice enough, Jackie noted, but she always looked like an unmade bed.

This, friends, is what we're shooting for.


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