Friday, June 27, 2014


Maybe you should stop blogging about sports and start blogging about a painting.
Excellent idea.
I mean, how much World Cup do you think these people have in them?
Tolerance wise?
I don't know.  I find it endlessly fascinating.
That's you.
It's my blog.
Is it?  Or is it like the Knicks?  A public trust for which you've been awarded stewardship.
Wow.  I never thought of it that way.
That's because you're self-absorbed.  I can assure you that hundreds of people a day wish you'd get your shit together.
I'm thinking thousands.
That's because you're self-absorbed.

Self-absorption or not, I've been clogged up with this painting for so long it's embarrassing.  A couple of starts, a couple of stops, each followed by complete erasure, each then followed by silence.

Now this ...

These pictures should be looked at with the volume turned to ten.  Because the silence is ended.  Ahhhh.

What we are trying to achieve here is the first of what I call my Polaroid series.  The use of the word 'series' is a bit optimistic, given that even this one doesn't yet exist as a finished piece.  Although once I figure it out in a way that doesn't make me feel like a complete jackass, I think more will follow.  Like a deluge.

The problem was that once I came up with this Polaroid idea, the specifics of the execution became a mystery.  I could have just gridded the thing out in rough Polaroid dimensions and dripped it, but that wasn't exactly what I was looking for.  Still not sure this is it, but, by God, I'm riding the fucking horse.

I'm also painting it outside, which is a giggle.  I hope a bird shits on it, or a leaf falls off a tree and gets imbedded in the wet paint.  That, friends, would be grand.  Because the sun is so bright, I take it into the shade, take the picture, email it to myself, adjust as well as I can and the whole thing comes out blue.  Which is annoying.

Not that it matters, but the second one seems better adjusted.  What is also worth noting is that the painted sections are actually a deep, gloss purple.  The idea is to grapple with the highly-saturated Polaroid images that people of a certain age are familiar with.  This will become evident once I take a decent picture.  For now it is what it is.


Blogger John Harbour said...

Pics or it didn't happen... oh, wait, there are pics.

As an informed reader, how do I know that the pics are authentic and not some image that you, in your clever omniscience, have taken a white to blue gradient overlay?

I want to believe, I want to believe, I want to believe...

3:07 PM  

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