Monday, June 23, 2014

The Beautiful Game, Volume 3

I'm calmer now that a day has passed since the Portugal match.  Thus some math.

As a younger man I played a fine game of basketball.  I would have played professionally, but I wasn't good enough.  But I bet at the zenith of my playing skills there weren't more than two or three million people in the world who were better than me.  In the entire world.  Out of a population of what was then roughly 4 billion.  So I had some skills.

All of which brings me to this whole Michael Bradley incompetence business.  And I'd like to say, like a man, that hey, I've cracked under pressure too.  Sometimes our bodies just betrays us.  Because sports is the struggle to command the body to do extraordinary things under pressure.  And it's an imperfect thing, at best.  Otherwise it wouldn't be a struggle, would it?  Even Rick Barry, a little of whom went a long, damned way back in the day, missed a free throw every ten or so times.

So I'm forgiving Michael Bradley.  I'm choosing to look forward.  Particularly because we don't have anybody better to slide into his spot.  Bring on Germany.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where's the post on your prediction for Game 3 of the CWS? You predicted the Spurs in 5. What about the Hoos? I say they beat Vandy tonight 5-2, bringing UVA its first baseball championship, and the ACC its first since 1955 (Wake). Also leaving Vandy with its one NCAA championship in women's bowling. Bowling? Who knew?

9:19 AM  

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