Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Commentariat weighs in ...

Nothing like the World Cup to bring out the crazies.  Because nobody writes to the Colonel, or at least not very many people, I make a point of highlighting the stuff that's at least borderline cogent.  Thus, re. my recent post about the US soccer team, here's the first of two comments ...

Sorry, but a polite rebuttal to your post and disagreement regarding the score if the match was against Germany. Probably be 25-1, we usually play well against Germany.

First to give you props on picking that the US won't make the finals. The world knows it will be one of the power houses; Germany, Brazil, Netherlands, or even the dark horse Belgium. I'm hoping Germany as they have an amazing side right now.

BUT, the US didn't play as bad as you would like to make out. They always have to be the underdog with their backs against the wall to play well. When they get a lead, they become flat. And they knew that they would need at least 2 goals to win. Going clean sheet against Ghana is never likely. Ghana's whole strategy is to assault a defense time after time until they finally wear down. They are a younger and more fit team, average age last night was 22... The US didn't relent until the 63rd minute and that was after having three key players hurt. The team was limping like a wounded animal and still held out. I think you'll be surprised at what their game looks like against Portugal, who by the way we are really well matched against.

Not saying it was pretty, but pretty doesn't matter if you get the job done. And Ghana's a better side than they get credit for... So stop throwing shade.

Although you may just still be smarting from your Heat's loss and transferring that disappointment.

And the second ...

every soccer coach i've had the pleasure or pain of playing for, including NCAA Div 1 and professional level play (if you can call US soccer in the late 80's and early 90's professional) always said a strong midfield can make your game. Against Ghana, Mike Bradley had one of the worst games I've ever seen him play. Absolutely horrid. He and the rest of the midfield must step it up to even have a chance at having a chance of making it to the next round. jeez!

Both, in their own way, impressive, although each loses a point for not taking the opportunity to refer to me as Geef.

The first guy seems to have an axe to grind.  I know this because I had a beer with him yesterday and watched, sort of, Brazil and Mexico play to a tie.  Sadly, the Peter McManus Cafe appears to have the Health Department so far up their ass they can taste Brylcreem.  I know this because of the yellow stickers in the windows and the locked doors.  Which meant that we had to find another okay bar within easy walking distance of 7th and 19th (because I had Fathers Day dinner planned at Elmo).

No easy feat.  We tried Jake's Saloon, but it was predictably inexcreble.  Whatever that means, if it's even a word.  We ended up in some hole in the wall on the north side of 23rd street, up near the blind people, with artisanal beers that were okay and stools that were so uncomfortable, if I had your address I would send you a sample.  Just so you'd understand.

You want to send them stool samples?
Yeah.  What's wrong with that?  As, like, a TYOMP promotional piece.
I can't imagine a better idea.

Anyway, there's no place for axe-grinding on The Year of Magical Painting.  Other than, of course, whatever axe I might have to grind.  That is completely different.  At least the second guy stayed on topic.


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