Thursday, June 12, 2014

Your good deed for the day

Dear readers.  I know that whenever I suggest that you do actually something you flee in the opposite direction.  Which I never understand because I only want you to be better people.

Anyway, here's a chance to change all that by voting for my boy Bobby the Gravedigger's band in the Brooklyn Battle of the Bands.  The video is here ...

One votes by texting BK3 to 69866. Whatever that means.

Bobby is the bass player.  The band, Orphan Jane, has clawed its way to the final five (which, given the number of bands in Brooklyn, is saying something) with a kind of a Kurt Weill meets The Demon Barber of Fleet Street sort of a vibe.

Here, I'll hum a few bars:  La da da da da da da daaa daaa.  Catchy, yes?

Also worth noting, the guitarist cooked for the famous Kenny Shopsin for ten years.  Boy, does he have some stories.


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