Monday, June 02, 2014

Reds and Blues ... plus a Game of Thrones spoiler

This is thought to be the clearest picture of Mercury ever taken ...

Wow.  Who knew it was blue?

Do you know who else is blue?  The formerly-Red Viper, who last night had his head crushed like one of those old Letterman jokes where they throw the watermelons off the roof of a building.  Yikes.   It could be argued that last night was one of the best Game of Thrones episodes ever.  Certainly one of the best sword fights.

Not as good, however, as this scene from from Rob Roy.  Which could be the best sword fight ever.

And just to get back to Game of Thrones for a minute, I was loving Sansa Stark channeling Lady MacBeth.  This is a woman who's been fucked with for the last time.  You go, girl.

And just to get back to Rob Roy for a minute, I was going to weave an elaborate joke about The Good Wife into the above narrative until I realized that Tim Roth and Alan Cummings are not the same person.  Likewise, I was going to have some additional red/blue fun with Mercury until I realized instead that Mars is the Red Planet.

Which took some of the wind out of my sails.


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