Thursday, June 05, 2014

Don Zimmer, dead yesterday

Lots of great story-telling about Original Met Don Zimmer, dead at 83 yesterday.  My favorite thing about the man is that, upon leaving the Yankees, he vowed to never come back to the stadium.  He had had enough of George Steinbrenner to last him a lifetime.

A pity more people didn't react that way to Steinbrenner, who is surely one of the most loathsome people in the history of sports.  As he went about committing felonies, earning suspensions, and maliciously fucking with people in ways that make Ramsay Snow seem like a rational, mentally stable person, he became the poster boy for the fallacy that winning is everything.

Here's Olbermann, who I like better as a sports guy than as a political guy, managing to eulogize Zimmer without mentioning Steinbrenner once.

[Video removed by me because it autoplays everytime the blog opens up, and that annoys me when I'm trying to listen to something else.  Why can't ESPN manage their videos like U-Tube, with it's click to play feature?}

Good-o Keith.


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