Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Beautiful Game

Anybody who thinks I'm talking about soccer must not have watched Brazil versus Croatia.

No, dear reader.  The beautiful game refers, of course, to the type of basketball being played by the San Antonio Spurs.  The very Spurs who have drubbed the Miami Heat -- my boys -- in two straight games.  Drubbed them.

I was looking back at some earlier basketball posts and realized that a massive typographic error had occurred.  Not once but several times.  Somehow, when I went to type San Antonio in Five the computer, clearly a Heat fan, autocorrected to Miami in Six.  Go figure.  If Miami wins tomorrow I'll be surprised.

All that said, and with the full understanding that soccer is an inferior sport to basketball, the header by Robin van Persie in the Netherlands/Spain game was something to behold.


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