Friday, June 13, 2014

The Secret to Great Chili

Revealed at about the twenty minute mark of this astonishing documentary ...

...  is that the secret to great chili is adding coffee.  I've never tried it.  I wouldn't know how much to add.  His theory about fusion cooking is also slightly alarming, if only as a food image.

I only bring this up because of my passing comment a couple of posts below that the guitarist for Orphan Jane, whose name is Dave, cooked for Kenny Shopsin, the subject of the documentary, for ten years.  Dave's wife also worked there.

I Like Killing Flies is one of the greatest movies ever, provided you've ever worked, or better yet, cooked in a restaurant.  Right up there with Big Night.  The fact that you can just bing it up on U-Tube in its entirety amazes me.


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