Sunday, June 15, 2014

And So Begins the Summer of My Discontent

I was talking to my friend LeBron the other day and warning him that those who play the game of thrones either win or die.

All by way of saying basketball is over.  As I predicted, the Spurs won in five and all is right with the world.  Let now the offseason commence.  And by that I mean Carmelo Anthony's free agency.  Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Melo.

Me?  As much as I admire the man's offensive game (and it is, honestly, stunning), I'm sick of having a superstar on my team who plays no defense.  I'd rather watch the Knicks than Carmelo, if you can appreciate the difference.  So let the man leave and let's see what Big Chief Triangle comes up with.  This ship be sinking, to quote Michael Ray Richardson.  So let's get another ship.

The good news is that the World Cup takes us through June, although I'm not as enthralled as many.  Then the Tour de France (bicycle racing often referred to as the Beautiful Game) takes us through July.  And then training camp opens for the Jets and that, plus the Mets, takes us through August.  Then, before you know it, Michael Vick is leading the much improved boys in green to the playoffs.

It should also be noted that Game of Thrones the television show ended tonight as well.  Pretty much as I figured it would (having read the books), although I was unsatisfied with the way Arya and the Hound parted ways.

Valar morghulis, baby.


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