Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The dismantling of the Knicks begins

Wow.  Tyson Chandler and human-Swedish-meatball Raymond Felton have been sent to Dallas for a bunch of people who are pretty good but whose names I am unable to summon at this moment.

One theory says this slashes payroll and preps the Orange and Blue for an impressive foray into the free agency marketplace.  Me?  I say we take the whole thing apart and put it back together with different parts.  Toodle-oo, Carmelo.

I was actually one of the few who liked Raymond Felton.  At least the one of a couple of years ago. Last year's version ... not so much.  And the gun possession rap was a bridge too far, even for me.  But you could argue that, based on what we got vs. what we expected, Felton was a better Knick than former Defensive Player of the Year Chandler.  As a Knick, Chandler played defense like Ernie DiGregorio.  Who arrived in the NBA with "Ernie D" as his nickname and left with "Ernie No-D" in its place.

Deep from the vaults, famous Bob McAdoo response to a question about his defensive prowess:

"Who's playing defense on me?"  

Which, truth be told, was a fair question.


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