Saturday, August 30, 2014

Everybody Wants to Paint like Robert Motherwell slash These Are Terrible But One Must Always Remember That In Situations Like This There Is No Such Thing As A Bad Idea

Part of the reason you people pay the money you do to read the blog is for the occasional glimpse behind the curtain.   Poking, if you will, around my frontal cortex with one of those microscopic cameras, trying to figure out why things are the way they are.

Which brings me to this:  By now everybody knows that I can't get enough of the Asian Galleries at the Met.  Fine.  And do you know what pisses me off about the Asians?  They've got their own languages, which they write all over their paintings, but which I cannot begin to understand.

So I thought I'd make my own language.  And paint that.  Hopefully in the manner of Robert Motherwell, at least as regards the vastness of the thing, although it looks a lot more like my boy Joan Miro.

Exhibits A and B rendered electronically ...

The only thing that should be understood at this point is that significant words, like Troy, New, Brooklyn and Home and Heart are rendered as major characters.  Smaller words like is, the and is, where, the, and is are rendered as doodles.

It should be noted that these are basically gestural paintings, and attempting to do them with a computer mouse, as opposed to a paint brush, is cray-cray, to paraphrase Daughter #2.

I, it should also be noted, have only begun to fight.

Quick story:  You've probably heard it before, but whenever Jackson Pollock would throw stuff down that, by accident, resembled something, or anything, he would obsessively block it out, paint over it, etc., until absolute abstraction was achieved.  The same problem plagues me here.  For example the white dot in the word Troy looks like an eye, making the character look like an animal of some sort.

This is bad.

Also problematic, at this point, is the idea that a given word -- Brooklyn in the top one -- is rendered in a different color than the other characters.  In a perfect world, the word in the title typed in English would be the same color.  Which, for some reason, it isn't.  But should be.

Are you with me?


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