Saturday, August 30, 2014

Leviathan Update

Just, as Jane Austin would suggest, it's axiomatic that rich single guys want or need (that part's a bit fuzzy) to get married, likewise, if you have to choose just one, is it better to have a good defense than a good offense.  Pat Riley once famously told his Lakers late in a game: "No rebounds.  No ring."  After which we can only assume they went out and got a shitload of rebounds.  Keith Wilkes -- I loved that guy.

So Virginia loses to #7 UCLA by eight.  28-20 -- more or less what I predicted.  But three of the four UCLA touchdowns were returns of fumbles (1) and interceptions (2), all in the first half.  We held them to seven points after the break.  Take those turnovers away, which you obviously can't, and we crushed the motherfuckers.

Me?  I'm strangely sanguine.  Like I've been smoking opium or something.  Which is only a guess, since I've never smoked opium.  Not even sure how.  Something to do with tongs and a hot coal.  Again, I'm guessing.  Nonetheless I do have warm feelings coursing through my body, a sense of gentle, benign disengagement and, in the back of my mind where you'd assume I'd be listening to White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane, all I can hear is a voice saying "Bring on Florida State."

In summary:  We baited our hook for Leviathan.  We then hooked him.  He then, due to a couple of unfortunate miscalculations by the helmsman, ate our boat.  We were picked up two days later, no worse for the wear.

Go Hoos.


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