Thursday, August 28, 2014

Go Hoos

This is said sarcastically.

I don't understand why an outstanding university in an outstanding conference can't get its act together and rise above consistent mediocrity on the grid iron.  I refer, of course, to my foster mother, the University of Virginia, and it's place on the Wall Street Journal's Grid of Shame.

Much like the night's inclination to play tricks when you're trying to be so quiet, ain't it just like the Journal to not allow me to cut and paste their graphic?  I had to photograph it on my computer screen (thus the moire), then gussy it up, then post it as a jpg.  I'm all about productivity and so, presumably, should the Journal be.  So c'mon, man.  Loosen up.  You're slowing me down.

Anyway, there are the Cavaliers, more or less dead-center on the weakling/powerhouse scale and just slightly above average on the admirable/embarrassing scale.  The logo, if you're not in the loop, is a white V with crossed sabers.

Obviously, one wants to be as close to the upper right corner as possible.  And, as I cast my eyes that way, Lord Have Mercy there's VPI (which I always thought was a technical school and don't really know what it's doing on this particular grid).  That hurts.  I don't mind them having a better football team than us -- I mean, after decades of the status quo a man gets used to it -- but I resist the notion that their program is more "admirable" than ours.  As if that wasn't enough, Duke is right next to VPI.  Duke!  Three years ago they wouldn't have known a football from a kielbasa.

Above Virginia on the admirable scale, about half way to the top, is Syracuse.  The very mention of which, if you live in this part of the world, gets pretty old pretty fast if you're not an alumnus.  So that's annoying too.

The only consolation, I suppose, is the University of North Carolina parked all by itself as highly embarrassing but a bit of a powerhouse.  My plan is to go to Charlottesville in a couple of months and inspect their team up close and personal.  For your benefit, dear reader, and my own.  Perhaps I'll bring an annotated painting of the Dean of the African Studies department.  Or my friend, Johanna.

Go Hoos.


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you write too well to be locked in your own up...syndicate...if that is still a word

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