Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Overhead, overhead, overhead.  It's like real estate, but I'm talking about shaving.  I'm thinking about switching from one of these ...

 To this ...

An Edwin Jagger DE89bl chrome-plated, double-edged safety razor.  Nice.  Like shaving with an Aston Martin.

Plus there's this:  Buy a Gillette Mach 3 handle for about ten bucks (already spent, since I own several of them).  Buy a 12 pack of cartridges for about $30.  Buy the Edwin Jagger (which I'd immediately rename Mick) for $31 on The Big River.  Pack of 100 blades?   Go ahead and guess.


Wrong.  Nine bucks and change.  For a hundred of the little bastards!  Let's assume I shave 100 times a year.  For my 40 bucks I could shave with a new blade every time I shaved.


Worth noting:  the Mach 3 is a great razor.  I wonder how much of my face I'm going to shave off with my Edwin Jagger and it's so-called safety blade.

Also worth noting:  I'm an arts and crafts guy, and sometimes you just wish you had a razor blade to cut something.  So that's an added bonus.

Famous line from that famous Volkswagon repair manual from the 60's.  Went something like:  "Buy the nicest set of wrenches you can afford because they'll last forever and some days, when things are going badly, you can just roll them around in your hands and admire them."

Let's also be frank.  It annoys me how much replacement blades for the Mach 3 cost.  It's not like it's the end of the world, but you know they're just screwing you and that's the part that annoys me.  So I tend to stretch my blades out, which causes a less than optimal shaving experience.


Blogger John Harbour said...

My friend, I switched to this exact same razor 3 years ago and have not looked back! Check out the two year check in here:

I use the feather blades and spend about $40 bucks a year. I, too, switched due to the increasing cost of blades and I liked the skill of using the thing.

At first it took me twenty minutes to shave as the opportunity to cut yourself is drastically higher, but that price is matched by the quality of the shave. I have since cut the time to about ten minutes. I still use a Mach 3 when I travel without checking luggage, or if I am in a super hurry, but day in, day out, this is my razor.

Good luck. Oh, and buy alum block. Not needed all the time but when it is, it IS.

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