Sunday, August 24, 2014

Push the Button!

If you're not careful, living alone is a quiet march to insanity.  I refer, of course, to me shouting "Push the button!" on at least five occasions during the Belgian Grand Prix.  I think if I lived with somebody they'd say something like "Stop shouting 'push the button.'"  That was certainly my experience when I was married.

The point of the thing is that after navigating the 180mph perils of Eau Rouge, drivers at Spa-Francorchamps then enter a long straight.  As is the case once or twice with every F1 track, there's a pre-ordained spot at the beginning of the straight where the driver can push a button and his rear wing flaps open, eliminating considerable aerodynamic drag and allowing the car to rocket forward.

What makes it especially interesting is that if two cars are close to each other, only the one in back is allowed to push the button.  In this way, passing is facilitated.


I don't mean to bring religion into this, but with about ten laps remaining, my boy Kimi Raikkonen was in third (which would be his highest finish in two years) and I remember saying "Please God, let him hang in there for the third spot."

Which was, of course, ignored.  He came in 4th.  I might just as well have been shouting "Push the button."

Anyway, it was a great race.  The highlight being Nico Rosberg clipping Lewis Hamilton ...

... after which all hell broke loose.


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