Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A little full of ones self, are we ...?

I love it when people comment on my blog.  I almost always publish them unless they are some kind of spam.  Or inappropriately stupid or mean-spirited, which rarely, although sometimes, happens.

[Just so we're clear, I don't mind stupid or mean-spirited.  It's just the inappropriately stupid and mean-spirited stuff that gets the axe.]

So, when "A little full of ones self, are we ..?" popped anonymously into view, in relation to a post titled "And this, my friends, is that" from November of 2011, I couldn't push "publish" fast enough.

That, however, doesn't mean I can't take issue with the thing said.

In this case, my immediate reaction was something along the lines of "You're halfway through my blog and this is only occurring to you now?"  Referring, of course, to my self-absorption.

Then I looked at the post and decided that it fell somewhere in the middle three quintiles of self-absorption, so I didn't really understand the comment.  Jeeze -- if I scrounged around I'm sure I could find several dozen posts that are so insufferable as to make "And this, my friends ..." feel like bathing in warm cocoanut milk.  With a mojito in one's hand.

Do you know the posts that bug me?  It's the one's that I run across, looking for something, etc., and I see they have a big typo in them.  That really bugs me.

When I started The Year of Magical Painting I decided I wanted it to drill down into the process of becoming a full-time painter.  Talk about painting technique; talk about sales figures; share personal feelings to a degree; successes and failures, some of which are measured in dollars; share what the media said about me; blah blah blah.

And doing all that is, by definition, self-absorption.

Me?  I think it's a pretty good fucking blog.  And I wouldn't change a single word of the "And this, my friends, is that" post.

What if the person's comment was made in fun?  In the same spirit in which you sometimes engage in self-deprecation?
Were that the case, wouldn't you feel like an ass?
I'm guessing the answer is no.
No, as in I wouldn't feel like an ass?
Really.  Why?
You're too full of yourself.


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